What can we do about the cluster flies that are infesting our home in Wyoming?

Asked February 21, 2015, 10:30 AM EST

We have a vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a log cabin, built around 1984 with a recent addition in 2012. We have noted a fly problem in this house since we purchased it in 2004. A pest control person who lives and works in the valley has told us that these are "cluster flies" that apparently live outside but find ways into homes when it gets colder. With log cabins, they just follow warm air currents inside. They cluster around windows on warm days, so we are often left with a pile of dead flies on the floor in front of the windows which we are continually vacuuming up. We were hoping this wouldn't be a problem with the "new addition" part of the home since it would be "tighter," but the flies are in this area too. Do you have any suggestions? Our pest control person said they just hibernate in the house and since there is nothing for them to eat (their main food source is from out of doors...pollen, etc.), they expend their energy buzzing around the windows until they die.

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Your pest control person gave you good advice, and you are doing all the right things with vacuuming. The other options are probably less amenable, but would include hanging sticky fly paper or using a fly swatter to get them before they die-- some of the battery powered tennis racket-types can be fun.

Here is our Flies in and around the Home publication, but please remember we are located in Maryland, so things may be different there.