Damaged gardenia shrubs

Asked February 20, 2015, 10:53 AM EST

THe leaves on the gardenia hedge at the front of my house are shriveled. It is a very COLD Feb. Do you think they are dead?

Edgecombe County North Carolina trees and shrubs cold damage horticulture

1 Response

The cause of the tip burn on your Gardenia plant leaves is most likely the result of the recent cold temperatures this area has experienced this winter; more specifically the severe arctic air last week. Gardenias are cold hardy to Zone 7b. Most of Edgecombe County is within this zone. Zone 7b plants are hardy to temperatures of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit. We had several morning lows that approached or went below these numbers. The leaves that have shriveled on your plant are dead, but this will not affect the health of the plant. Once spring weather arrives in the next month or so the Gardenia will recover by sending out new growth and leaves.