What wss this type of owl,,,,

Asked February 18, 2015, 9:26 PM EST

I saw some type of very large bird , maybe a foot and a half tall about the size of a large chicken sitting on the top of a small very old maple tree. it sat there for about thirty minutes without moving but was unable to get a good pic with my cell phone..the color looked to e a yellowish green all over, i am most certain it was an owl. i wondered later if it might be living in the hollowed out almost rotting maple tree in my yard on which it was perched. i have searched pictures of owls but couldnt identify the creature.. can you help me??? thanks

Coweta County Georgia

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Dear Coweta County, GA, It must have been a blessing to see this raptor. It is almost impossible to tell what type of bird it was without the picture. The yellowish-green color was probably because of the way the sun was shining on the bird. Most large raptors are brown, gray, and white. Attached is a link to one of our Alabama publications. http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-1386/ANR-1386.pdf Enjoy. - Andy