What's happening to my maple tree?!

Asked February 17, 2015, 7:14 AM EST

I just bought this baby maple tree about 2 weeks ago, the leaves were a bit damaged (leaves had small holes) but it was the last baby maple there was, and it didn't look like too much of a problem. I've been watering it a bit in the morning, and a bit at night if I see the soil needs it but the leaves have been slowly curling like this. The tree gets sunlight in the morning and day sometimes, but not directly since I have it indoors.
Anyone have tips on how to make it go back to normal or keep it healthy? It's late summer in Australia right now so wilting shouldn't be normal yet right? Autumn is coming however, but I don't think this look particularly normal.
Also, if it needs fertiliser, any recommendations that are easy to come by? Thanks!!!

Outside United States

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That is a very difficult problem to diagnose for sure. Do you know how much root area / root development the seedling has? It could be a lack of roots, which would cause this type of wilting, as based off the image, it looks like it could be drought stress. If you can submit a few more images that would help.


Thanks for the reply, I've checked the roots, they don't seem to be lacking, also, over time, the stem (or trunk) has started to turn black and the green leaves are getting a darker hue.
I've got photos of the roots, and the tree now,
also, I've changed the soil to a slightly more draining one since that may be the problem? No?

I lightly scratched the skin off the tree at two points, at the top and at the bottom.
The bottom is yellow-ish, the top has a slight green but more yellow colour, so it's still alive right?

Now that you have confirmed there are roots and re-potted it, I would leave it alone, keeping the soil moist but not saturated. I would also be sure it gets some indirect sunlight for several hours (6-8) per day, but not direct sunlight. As long as the leaves stay soft and are not drying up, based on what you have said, it is likely still alive. We are in Virginia, USA, is there anyone closer that you might be able to talk to about it? Hope this helps,