Cedar clearing equipment rental or services?

Asked February 14, 2015, 7:21 PM EST

I have 20 acres of land in the Merit, Texas area (far west Hunt County). For the last several years we have been clearing cedars using a chain saw and have decided we want to really start getting serious about it now. I understand there are people who have shears that cut the cedars at their root/ground level and can either provide this service or rent that type of equipment. Do you know of some companies in my area who do that? Someone told me there is a place at the extension website to find this information, but my search has been futile. I also have been told the extension service loans out equipment of various types, I'm thinking they said a seed drill,...but not sure if that is correct. Could you direct me to more information on this?

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Hunt County Texas

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Texas A&M Extension in Hopkins County does not loan equipment. There are private individuals that do offer heavy equipment work for a fee. Rocking H (903-217-6035) in Cumby is one of them.