seeking help with pruning

Asked February 13, 2015, 9:26 AM EST

I am seeking recommendations for a fruit tree expert that will come to my house and do a hands-on instruction/pruning session with me. I want to learn how to properly prune my two dwarf honeycrisp apple trees that are about 7 years old and have never been pruned. Do you know of a Minneapolis/St. Paul company/person that offers this service?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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I'm not aware of any service like the one you are requesting above. However, there are many resources for helping those interested in learning more about pruning. There are written materials as well as classes.

For written materials, consider these two website references:

For classes, the Minnesota Arboretum will sometimes have classes on pruning trees. Last year there was a class on fruit tree pruning with a University of Minnesota professor, as part of offerings through The Minnesota Project. You could contact them to see if they will be offering something similar this year. And there are, of course, professionals to do the pruning for you. Most cities require tree service professionals to be licensed with the city. I'd recommend a certified arborist if you choose this route.