Is this a day lily?

Asked February 12, 2015, 2:13 PM EST

Before posting photos of flowers on my blog, I like to find as much information as I can to include in my post. The past two years, I have taken some neat photos of this attached flower. However, the homeowner isn't sure what type of flower this is. Judging by its leaves, I think it is some sort of day lily, but I am no expert, and not even very knowledgeable.

Hopefully, you can provide me the name of this very exotic looking flower. In the third photo, a lot of digital adjusting was made to create a rather unique looking photo.

Clark County Ohio

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The pictures you sent are of Tradescantia, the spiderwort. It is a perennial here in Ohio and quite beautiful!

The Chicago Botanic Garden has published garden evaluations on several species and cultivars that you might find of interest:

I hope this is helpful!