Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Asked February 11, 2015, 3:58 PM EST

Does anyone have a framework for conducting assessment of a region's entrepreneurial ecosystem? I found a powerpoint by SRDC, which outlines a fairly comprehensive approach. I am looking for other, perhaps less comprehensive study designs, and therefore conducive to an intern completing an assessment within a 3-month period.

Outagamie County Wisconsin

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You are correct, the program at the SRDC, Stronger Economies Together, is a robust, comprehensive approach to evaluating the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The SET program is accomplished through many individuals and organizations from throughout the community and county who provide assistance to local entrepreneurs. These individuals help to assess data and determine the current entrepreneurial culture. As you look to develop your own assessment, you will want to make sure you have these individuals involved in the discussions as well.

I did find two resources that may be helpful in conducting a self-assessment:

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Diagnostic Toolkit, Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs, 2013

Four Indicators to Assess Local Ecosystem Vibrancy, Kauffman Foundation, 2015