Sick deodar cedar, please help!

Asked February 10, 2015, 9:54 PM EST

I have several deodar cedar pines on my property. They are all approximately 10 years old. Within the last couple years I have noticed a lot of yellow and green needles dropping. A couple of the trees and starting to look bare. What's strange is that they will grow back and start to look like they are going to do well then they start loosing their needles again. I live in Southern California in the mountains/high desert area. Are my trees dying? Please help! Thank you


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Chances are, your trees are suffering from the dry weather and drought stress. If your trees have been there 10 years and have good root systems, they should be able to survive with the methods they are showing now - dropping leaves and hanging on. If you are concerned they are in decline, make sure there is not a disease or pest problem and then, if that is not the problem, you could consider irrigation if it is worth it to you. The best advice could come from your local area. You can check with your local Extension office or the California Department of Forestry ( and their community forestry program for information most relevant to your location.

You can see drought info and resources at Look at maps of days since rainfall at,AAB&...

and of drought conditions in your area at,AAB&am...

Check locally to see what people in the know around you may be able to help you to work with your trees.