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Asked February 9, 2015, 1:30 PM EST

Dear Team/Friend,

I am Adeel from Pakistan. I am a Goat Lover. I raised goats for domestic purposes (specially for milk) only. I need your expert advise regarding Milking of Goats.
I have a goat that gave a 2nd birth of 2 kids. Unfortunately, both kids were dead at the time of birth. The goat is good in milk. I raised this goat for domestic purpose. I need to have support regarding milking. How often should i milk my goat? twice a day or once a day? I am milking her once a day approx 1.5 kg or more.. i would like to ask whether i should continue the practice? milk production will effect? or i must milk her twice a day to enhance milk production?

Waiting for your reply.

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Most dairy goats in this country are milked twice a day. This helps increase the total amount of milk they produce and also helps keep them in production for longer. As this doe is not nursing her kids (you indicated that they were born dead) she needs to be milked twice a day. This should be planned to allow 12 hrs. between milkings. The time allows her to get into a normal schedule.