potted geraniums inside for winter

Asked February 6, 2015, 6:56 PM EST

I have a about four geraniums in a large pot that i brought indoors for winter. They have really taken off and are huge. They are starting to bloom, although the blooms are small. I just water them a bit-not too much. They are very elongated and rangy with lots of petals. I have sticks holding up some of the vines because they are so heavy. They get lots of light.
My quesstion is can I cut them back? Then will they grow again in spring/summer.? How do I cut them?

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It sounds like you are managing your geraniums about right.

Geraniums are easy to manage. With lots of light you can do much to shape the plant as you like. Pinching the going points back will force the plant into a more stocky and easier to manage shape. If you want to start new plants, the clipped parts can be new starts. See this guide from Minnesota for managing your geranium. Outdoor-indoor geranium culture