Greetings: I am preparing to help a friend remove single home furnishings;...

Asked February 6, 2015, 12:43 PM EST

Greetings: I am preparing to help a friend remove single home furnishings; stuffed chairs/couches, mattresses/box springs and general clutter - stacks of magazines, newspapers, USPS mail(circulars, bulk, and first class) from mid 1990's - 2010. There is no mold visible through the first floor nor into the attic space. However there is mold present on the stairs and on the basement floor and about 18 inches up on the wells in the basement (whiteish and some areas grey and very flat to the surfaces it is present upon). Additionally, there is the measurable presence of cat fecal matter all round the first floor in also in the basement. 1. What do I need to do to safely prepare myself and two other friends to go into this environment and remove all furnishings and accumulated paper materials safely? I am planning to rent a dumpster into which I shall assist and direct the removal of all described above. 2. Once empty, what do I need to do to prepare myself and one other friend to dis-infect the living area and basement and to safely address - neutralize and remove the mold in the basement area? 3. If I need professional assessment or assistance, is there a community resource (City or Columbus, OH) to apply for monetary assistance to address specific professional cost for assessment and if needed professional removal of the material described above? Thank you for any information and/or direction you may be able to provide in response to any of the several questions I have asked. Respectfully, Peter

Fulton County Ohio

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Here is a link that should help you - It has everything from finding mold to remediation to containment and PPE. My biggest concern is the multiple respiratory hazards that are present in the home. Please use respiratory protection at all times during cleanup. I recommend an N-95 respirator that can be purchased at any hardware type of store - Look for the N-95 designation on the package. I honestly would recommend professional remediation if you are concerned about it.