Help I'm curious if you have information regarding the proper procedure...

Asked February 4, 2015, 1:45 PM EST

Help I'm curious if you have information regarding the proper procedure required for cleansing farm fresh eggs before selling to the public from our farm. I'm not really finding anything online but don't want to be selling things to the public without having done it the right way. Thanks in advance!

Lake County Ohio

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Hi -

Below is general guidelines based on my personal conversations with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), Division of Food Safety. If you have detailed questions, you can contact them directly at 800-282-1955, ask for Food Safety Division.

Good Handling Practices (GHP) for Egg Safety

Ensuring your product is of top quality and safe for human consumption is the first priority in direct marketing eggs. GHP should be practiced in all aspects of the operation, from collecting to storage, and from transporting to holding for sale at another location. Farmers should follow these guidelines when choosing to direct market their eggs.

1. Collect eggs every day. Do not allow them to stay in nests. Some experts state collection should be two times per day.

2. Collect eggs only from nests, do not use those which have fallen to the floor or ground.

3. Wash and/or sanitize eggs in a colander (do not submerse). USE COLD WATER.

4. Refrigerate them as quickly as possible. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature is below 45 degrees F (older refrigerators often used on small farms are especially in need of thermometers).

5. If traveling to a farmers market or delivering eggs, do not use ice - eggs should be kept dry! (There are rules for this, see below.)

6. Information Resource for these tips: Tips for Growers from NCSU Extension

7. Some tips to share with consumers and details from our scientists at Ohio State are located here: OSU Extension News - Egg Safety for Consumers

You can view the rules for selling on your farm and off your farm through the ODA website at: - click on Food Safety Division, then click the "+" sign by "Fact Sheets." The Farm Market Factsheet deals with selling directly from your farm. The Farmers Market Factsheet deals with selling off-site. If you are delivering to retaurants or other direct-to-wholesale sites, you'll need to talk to ODA to be sure you are in compliance.