Homemade beef jerkey

Asked February 2, 2015, 7:59 PM EST

Hello, I followed your guidelines to kill pathogens in homemade beef jerkey by baking in the oven 10 minutes at 275. My jerkey was perfect when I pulled it out of the dehydrator and is now black and ruined after the baking process. Please can you give any advice/suggestions? I don't think my oven temp could be that far off because it bakes everything else fine.So sad to have wasted 3 lbs of expensive grass fed beef and all the slicing and preparing. Thanks

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Penn State Extension advocates a boiling marinade for pathogen reduction on meat prior to drying. Oven baking can be harsh on the product and one issue using that may be case hardening of the surface.


In this method, bring your marinade to a boil, dip the piece of meat for one minute and remove.

We have had success with this method. I would however, try a small sample to make sure that it will work for your product and for your taste?

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks Martin.
I will try it if you say you've had success.
it seems that you would have fully cooked the slices of meat before dehydrating if you are dipping them for one minute in boiling marinade, yes?
Your jerkey comes out tasty and not too tough? Using the boiling marinade step you described, how long and at what temp do you then dehydrate? I had done 4 hours at 150-155 with my raw marinated beef.

You don't want to dip the slices until they are cooked, but so that the surfaces are exposed to a high temperature. Much depends on how much you put in at one time and ensuring the surfaces are exposed (and not folded or overlaid with another piece of meat) to hot liquid. If you single dip your slices, and the amount of marinade in the pot is sufficient so that it does not lose temperature from the meat, you can go a shorter time.

As for drying, it would be in that time frame...so much depends on relative humidity of the air, amount of circulation, etc.