After bulbs bloom indoors

Asked February 1, 2015, 4:26 PM EST

I planted narcissus bulbs in indoor containers for the holidays. All bloomed beautifully. Now that blossoms have faded and I'm left with green leaves I'd like to plant the bulbs outdoors, hoping they will blossom outside in the future. But, I don't know what care I should provide for the plants now and when I should be able to safely plant the bulbs outdoors. Also, when are they likely to bloom again if properly tended?
Your advice would be appreciated.

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

Keep your bulbs in a sunny spot, watered, and fertilize. It needs to replace the energy it has used up in its bulb. When the weather is warm, plant outdoors. The leaves will naturally shrivel up and die sometime this spring/early summer. It should bloom again next spring.

This is our advice for typical garden variety narcissus. If you are referring to what's generally known as "paper white" narcissus, the advice is different. These narcissus are not hardy outdoors in Maryland.