How can I identify whether my tree is a black walnut?

Asked January 31, 2015, 9:39 PM EST

A wind storm has knocked down our walnut tree (I believe it is a black walnut). I was going to cut it up for firewood but found that if this tree is in fact a black walnut, it could be very valuable. How can I identify this tree as black walnut as I have never seen one before?

Van Zandt County Texas black walnut tree lrk

3 Responses

The easiest way would be to send some photos; obviously the value would be dictated by the size and how many defects the tree has.

Send some photos and we will try to give you a positive id.

Larry, here are some photos of the downed tree and the pieces I cut. Thanks in advance for your response. George Mercier

I am pretty sure this is not a walnut as the wood would be much darker. It appears to be a type of oak.

Thanks for sending the photos.