How can I prevent native plums from suckering into my neighbor's yard?

Asked January 29, 2015, 4:01 PM EST

We inherited a patch of native plums when we bought this property and like them, and so did our old neighbors. Now we have new neighbors who don't like them and took them out on their side next to the property line. Is there any way I can contain the plums and keep them from suckering over into the neighbor's yard? Or do I need to take them out? Thank you for your advice.

Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs

2 Responses

You could try the following steps to keep the plants contained.
Trench between your property and the neighbors' to a depth of a foot. Then place a physical barrier in the trench, such as a thick mil plastic sheet or a product like the material used for pond liners. It has to be strong enough so the roots don't penetrate it.
There are products on the market containing NAA (Sucker Stopper is one) that can be applied to the suckers. However this is a short term solution.
Under the circumstances, removal may be your best long term solution.

Thank you very much for your advice!