Old Gasoline Disposal

Asked January 29, 2015, 10:43 AM EST

I'm trying to clean up a farm that belonged to my uncle. One of the items is a 500 gallon fuel tank that is slightly over half full of gas. Possibly leaded. How can I dispose of it responsibly ?

Franklin County Kentucky

1 Response

I'm not sure that I have a good solution for you. There are companies out there that, for a fee, will come and pump out used oils, etc. Not sure if they will take gasoline though.

You might try contacting Mark Barrett (875-7987 mbarrett@franklincountyky.com ) or Blair Hecker (875-8751 fcswa@franklincountyky.com) in Solid Waste Management for the county, they may know.

Otherwise try contacting the state Division of Waste Management at 564-6716.