reddish brown shrubs

Asked January 28, 2015, 7:26 PM EST

Why are my evergreen bushes turning reddish brown very suddenly this winter? I am seeing this all over Casper.

Natrona County Wyoming

2 Responses

In most cases diseases are the last problem trees or shrubs have and if we look back at our weather this winter we will find the true issue facing our evergreens. Natrona County and much of the Rocky Mountain west had unusually warm fall temperatures followed by and extreme deep cold that dipped well below zero. The pine, firs and junipers had not yet developed their winter dormancy and cold hardy freeze resistance for the year. They have just been damaged by extreme cold temperatures.

This winter we need to be especially diligent in doing deep winter watering to ensure our evergreens do not further suffer from environmental damage this year. Anytime temperatures are above 45 degrees and the wind is not blowing one should get out the garden hoses and water the entire root zone of all the trees and shrubs, evergreens especially.

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