cafeteria supervisor

Asked January 28, 2015, 9:43 AM EST

What name goes good with applesauce, and where do I go to get names for veggies and fruits/ like x-ray carrots, super broccoli etc. where do you find this names at.

Tulare County California

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Hi! For something like applesauce, we have used names as simple as "Awesome Applesauce". Or you could try "Auntie's Applesauce" or similar. Just adding any kind of description tends to work.

Below are some links to names that we have used as well as to some staff training materials for coming up with names of your own. You can also use student groups to brainstorm ideas for names. We have also found that an engaged health or science teacher can do it in their class as part of a nutrition, agriculture or culinary lesson.

Hope this is helpful!