nutrient solution for soil less organic farming

Asked January 25, 2015, 9:49 AM EST

Where can we purchase nutrient solution for soilless organic farming? Any recommendation of the vendor certified by USDA?

New Castle County Delaware

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I contacted a colleague who is more familiar with organic systems and the response he provided is below...

When someone it looking to purchase a product for use in an organic system, it is best to start with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) or if the product has a OMRI-approved label. This is an independent group that certifies if a product fits their criteria to be labeled as OMRI approved. From what I understand, their criteria is more strict than the organic standards published by the USDA. This also serves as a third party to be sure the product is approved for organic use. OMRI will not designate a supplier, rather if the product is approved for organic. Then they will need to search some of the suppliers such as Peaceful Valley or Johnny’s Seeds to see if they carry the product. Or search their online catalog and see if the OMRI approval is listed with the product of interest.

I hope this is helpful!