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Asked January 25, 2015, 4:07 AM EST

What speed of wind will produce 200 PSI force on wind mill blades?

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PSI is a pressure.
Using Bernoulli's equation for pressure you would need a wind speed of 1660 m/s or 3713 mph to produce 200 PSI of pressure on the wind turbine blades.

The wind speeds above would be impossible.

Thanks a lot.
what my real question is how much pressure in PSI is produced by a wind of 50 MPH on a wind mill blades.
I am working on a Project where this information is required.
thanks again
dr. K. Khatri

Again using Bernoulli's equation

Pressure (PA) = 1/2 "rho" Velocity^2 (rho in kg/m^3) and (Velocity in M/S)

Pressure = 1/2 (1)(22.35^2) = 250 PA

1 PA = 0.000145 PSI

250 PA = 0.0362 PSI

An "ideal" wind turbine can only utilize 59.3% of the power in the wind. Search Betz limit.