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Asked January 24, 2015, 4:18 PM EST

About 8yrs ago I purchased a printed curriculum kit through your website. It was an aquaculture course designed for use in high school classes. The child I used it with has long since graduated, & I passed the materials on to another family. However, I remember that there were a lot of other interesting courses available. I have been browsing the site, but have failed to locate the link to purchase those courses. The online courses seem mostly geared toward adults & the offerings are limited. Are the paper courses still available. If so, please tell me how to find out about them.

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Dee Bleifeld
Home School Mom

Harris County Texas

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Hello Dee, We launched a new storefront about 18 months ago, but kept most of the same item numbers. I'm wondering if the curriculum you are seeking may have been item B-6206 "Managing Largemouth Bass in Texas Ponds: A High School Math & Science Curriculum" by Dr. Billy Higginbotham. We also have item # SP-68 entitled "Something's Fishy" for 4th grade level.

On our storefront, you may browse curriculum by going to BROWSE OUR SHELVES, then4-H & Youth Development, then choosing Curriculum Enrichment & Educational Resources. Feel free to call us toll free at 888-900-2577 if you need further assistance.