burrs and grass

Asked January 24, 2015, 1:25 PM EST

We have 26 acres 15 minutes northwest of Caldwell, TX. The soil is a sandy loam, a dusty fine-particle sand. The areas that we mow are covered in burrs. How can we eliminate this weed? The attached photo is of the burr.

We would also like to grow grass in this sandy loam around the house and shed. Our goal is to cut down on the dust and help choke out the burrs. Any ideas on what type of grass to plant or seed? We do not have an irrigation system.

Thank you for your assistance, Dave and Kristi Haley

Burleson County Texas

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Dave and Kristy,

The sandbur is a tough one to control. There is a chemical control you can use but requires being used at just the right time. When the plant it is in infant stages.

I would suggest a bermuda grass for planting. It is an aggressive and hardy grass that works really well.

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