I have a sad Avocado tree, I live in London, UK. I planted it from the stone,...

Asked January 24, 2015, 11:13 AM EST

I have a sad Avocado tree, I live in London, UK. I planted it from the stone, have nurtured it for over a year, it is about 4ft tall now but looks extremely sad, the leaves have brown edges, and curling down, I pinched out the top when it was small and it lives inside my conservatory in a bright sunny place, I am going to buy some fertilizer today, any other ideas are welcome, should I re pot it?

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Avocados can be tricky to grow in containers. The symptoms on the leaves of your avocado (edges turning brown) look there is either a drought stress or possible nutrient issue happening. What type of pot is it in? Plastic or clay? How often do you water? The pot size looks a little bit small to support the amount of foliage that your plant has so it may benefit from pruning the top as well as repotting. How often do you fertilize and with what? (I ask because some of the fish emulsion based fertilizer can contain higher amounts of salts can build up in the soil. This can cause similar symptoms of leaf browning.)
Here is a general publication which describes propagating and growing avocados as a houseplant. Please let me know if you have additional questions after reading this publication.
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