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I wrote in about Jan 19. My question # is 224896. I haven't gotten an answer yet. Can you help?

Charlene Hane

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Question #224896:
I had 2,15' tallow trees cut down & roots grounded a yr ago. (The roots were at my foundation) During the summer, I had little trees popping up all over my yd. What could I put on each one, (even if I had to use a turkey injector, to shoot in the ground) to kill them? Thank you.

Harris County Texas

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The root suckers of a Chinese tallow tree can be quite persistent. The roots will continue to produce shoots until the roots are dead. Killing the roots will require patience. The best way to destroy the roots is with applications of glyphosate (Roundup). When sprouts appear, cut them off near ground level. Immediately apply Roundup to the cut surface of each sprout. Pour a small amount of Roundup concentrate in a container, dip a foam-type paintbrush in the Roundup, and then dab the Roundup on the cut surface of each sprout. It will likely take multiple applications to get enough Roundup in the root system to completely kill it.

Make sure to read all labels before working with any pesticides.

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