Grape vineyard - short root

Asked January 23, 2015, 3:20 AM EST

I have a small vineyard between Wilsonville and Newburg. I am a organic grower - practicing Biodynamic. I have three small areas in my vineyard where the vines on my grape plants only grow three or four inches long. I would like to send in some vine clippings and soil samples for analysis. Can you guide me to a person or department to send these samples? Thank you for your help. Jerry L Drake

Clackamas County Oregon

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Given the information provided, I suggest that you contact the OSU Plant Clinic. They can evaluate diseased plant material and provide a diagnosis. It is best to send in vine samples (whole vine if possible), including the trunk, root, etc. I would not worry about sending in soil samples for now. If there is some concern with the plant materials, you could move forward with a soil sample if it is warranted. Here is the website for the OSU Plant Clinic: Be sure to read information about how to submit a sample.