Apple problems in Java

Asked January 21, 2015, 10:40 PM EST

Hi, I, am Latifahtun Nisa, I love farming. I am from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I have 300 apples in my garden but right now, they are ill, unfruitful and leaf like burning poncokusumo temperature 20-25 Celsius. Is this too high a temperature for apple? I am waiting for your reply. Thank You Regards, Nisa

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20-25 C is not too warm for apples. At first I thought the poor growth was because of the lack of cool temperatures between 2-10 C but the apples look like older trees and I know they grow low chill apples in Indonesia.
It is hard to see the leaves well in you pictures. It looks like the new growth is fine. The older leaves look like some insect may be eating them and also have some spots on them besides the burning and curling of the leaves. This does not look like anything I recognize. Are the apples sprayed with a pesticide at all? The symptoms do look a little like a spray burn. This would not affect the leaves that cam out after the spray but would have affected the new leaves at the time of the spray more than older leaves were there might just be spotting and leaf burn on the older leaves. That is my best guess now.

Mr Mark, thank you for your reply

this tree ehmm, 15 years old, poncokusumo willage is 600 meters above sea level
do you think, does this apple tree with temperatures that much could last another 10 years??
ah ya, how temperature suitable for growing apples? the tropics :D

i spayer with NPK, dekomposer, and nutrition (trichoderma)

I am not that familiar with apple production in Indonesia. You need to find a local expert. I know they grow low-chill apples in Indonesia but little else. All American apple production is in areas which have a significant cool or cold winter. If the trees have survived 15 years i would expect them to live for 10 more.