Pruning questions

Asked January 21, 2015, 3:10 PM EST

I am still learning how to prune some pieces in our garden and had a couple questions. I've never pruned our clematis (blooms in late Apr/May). I've read that in the late winter (soon, I suspect) I should cut it to the ground and it won't bloom this year, but next year will be amazing. Does that sound right? How close to the ground should I cut it? Also, we planted irises last fall and less than half bloomed. I realized they are probably establishing their root systems. Should the greens be cut back at all? And if so, what time of year and how far?

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Clematis can be bloomed in the water - February or after bloom.

Usually leave at leas 6-8 inches above ground. Feb. prune reduces winter damage.

Most iris, just leave. No pruning needed. Every 3-5 years break up the massive root ball and replant.