Tulip bulbs

Asked January 19, 2015, 4:57 PM EST

I found some tulip bulbs in my garage that didn't get planted. They are starting to sprout. Does that mean that

they have been seasoned enough to grow. Can I plant them in pots? How big does the pot need to be for

each bulb. How do I go about planting them in pots?

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1 Response

Yes, you can plant them in pots, or even in a bulb planter that just has water. If you plant in soil, place the bulb so that the sprouted area is just under the soil surface (i.e., not too deep). The pot does not need to be large; it can be as small as about an inch larger than the width of the bulb. After these particular bulbs bloom, they will need to be planted outside. Sometimes, however, tulip bulbs that are "forced" to bloom early will not regain the energy to repot. You can find more information here: