TESVMDI Extension

Asked January 17, 2015, 3:01 PM EST

Hi. All my JPG photos and images in my PC Converted to *.tesvmdi Formart and could not Run With any programs.
Old Format : Image.jpg
Current Format : Image.tesvmdi
I try to change Extension of this files to JPG , but it not worked and not opened with picture viewer or any other image program.
Please Help me To recover my photos. i cant see my images.

Outside United States

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Can you give more info? What camera? How do you transfer from camera to pc? Has it happened before? Do you still have orginals?

hi again.
i take pictures with my smartphone(Samsung , Huawei) and camera (Canon) that pictures all saved in *.JPG Format and run normally with Windows Picture Viewer or other Picture Programs(like acdce)
My pictures located in drive E on my Pc and my OS(win 8.1 x86) located on drive C.
critical issues happend to my windows8.1 and i re-install a new copy of windows 8.1
now in this new windows the Type(extension) of all JPG files converted to "TESVMDI" format and i cant run any of my pictures.
Please Help me , My friends! Thank you.

Old windows and This new copy of windows i installed on my PC have Same situation and same softwares.
i think a virus or malware changed the extension of photos.
I change the extension of files manually to JPG but it doesn't work.

Can you send me one file that I can try to fix? I have not found any canned solution, but will try to see if I can do something with a file. send it to jeanlucphoto@yahoo.com