sweetcorn fieldcorn cross

Asked January 17, 2015, 12:52 PM EST

Is there a cross between a sweetcorn and a fieldcorn, I live in a very hot tropical environment, and cannot grow sweetcorn after june, thanks, Steve

Outside United States

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Steve – Sorry for the slow response as I have been out of town and not watching Email.

Sweet corn is a genetic mutation from field corn to begin with. Over time effort has been made to focus on the sugar content of the kernels producing the “sweet” that we enjoy with sweet corn. Even for field corn optimal temperatures need to be between 77 to 91 degrees. Growth decreases when day time temperatures are above 95 degrees. Minimum night time temperatures can also be an issue with corn (field or sweet corn). Minimum night time temperatures consistently above 70 degrees can hamper growth. So whether growing sweet or field corn, both will be affected similarly with day time as well as night time temperatures.