Asked January 15, 2015, 4:58 PM EST

Hi Folks, We're currently buying a small farm as older beginning farmers in Northeast Salem. About 8 acres of this farm are in Perennial Ryegrass (planted last year). The lessee will take seed in July-August and then I'll want to use this area as pasture for an intensive managed, rotationally grazed, small herd of sheep followed by some poultry. I'm new but don't think of Ryegrass as great fodder. Am I wrong? How do I make this a great pasture for the sheep and poultry? Do I need to eliminate the ryegrass? And if I need to eliminate the ryegrass what is the best non-chemical manner to do so? What are the best grass and related pasture species for this area and that will benefit the soil, the sheep and the poultry. Thanks, Mike

Marion County Oregon

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Thank you for submitting your question to Ask and Expert. Please contact Dr. Gene Pirelli if you want to discuss these questions further. He is the Livestock/Forage/Swine Extension Agent in your region. You can reach him on his cell phone at 503-931-5163.