Grass for dry, arid brush land.

Asked January 15, 2015, 4:18 PM EST

About fifteen years ago I bought a small amount of grass seed in George West, Texas. The seed was developed by Texas A&M especially for the dry land in south west Texas and other arid lands.
I think it was named "Sahara Bermuda".

Where can I buy more of this same grass seed?

We have a new tank on our property, in McMullen County, 14 miles south of Tilden; and need to plant the tank dump and the surrounding dirt with grass seed which will grow where it gets very little rain. That land gets only about 14 to 16 inches in a year. Very dry brush land.

McMullen County Texas

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Grass Seed can still be purchased in this area from local farm feed stores and seed companies such Douglas King and Pogue Agri-Partners. Douglas King is located in San Antonio, TX and Pougue Agri-Partners is located in Kennedy, TX. Lyssie and Eckel in George West and the Co-op in Three Rivers carry some grass seeds and few others. Bermuda grasses are introduced species that have great drought tolerance. They can become invasive and displace native grasses. Sahara Bermuda is bermuda grass selection utilized in lawn seedings. Common bermuda is just as drought tolerant a little taller growth form. I would also suggest some native grass seeds that may be suited to the soil type that you have in that location. The important thing to consider in selecting native grasses is that the seed source originated from the South Texas area. I would recommend looking up on the internet South Texas Natives on the Cesar Kleberg Wildlife Institute Website. I am guessing the soil type on this site is a clay or clay loam, but knowing that information could narrow the choices suitable for planting. Also may need to consider if this site is going to be under water when we do get those big rains. Hopefully soon. I would be glad to visit with you further on this question if you would like. I can be reached at 361-274-3323. thanks