lacto fermenting vegetables . eggs, fruit

Asked January 14, 2015, 7:17 PM EST

I would like a list of foods that can be lacto fermented and the process. Also are there any classes schedules in Linn county especially Albany, Oregon coming up in the near future?

Linn County Oregon

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There are many vegetables that can be successfully fermented. Cabbage made into sauerkraut is probably the most common and easiest to start with. There is information on the extension website in Pickling Vegetables PNW355. Many of the root vegetables can be grated and also fermented which include turnips, carrots, beets, fennel root, celery root and even sweet potatoes. White potatoes do not ferment well and neither do onions. Many fruits can also be fermented. It you are planning to ferment milk and make yogurt and cheeses do not use the ultra pasteurized milk but do use pasteurized milks for safety. We do not recomment fermenting eggs in this country for safety reasons.

There are many good books on the market today that gives ideas for different fermented foods. In your area I would try the OSU Book Store, the Book Bin in Corvallis and you might also like to try Down to Earth in Eugene and the Home Fermenters Center in Eugene.

I am not aware of any classes in the Albany area but you might call the Linn County Extension Office and see if they know of any offerings in your area.

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Nellie Oehler