Help with grain and quinoa varieties for Gunnison county

Asked January 14, 2015, 9:54 AM EST

I would like to see what varieties of grain and quinoa I can get to grow here in Gunnison. I am particularily interested in quinoa, oats (hull-less if possible), and wheat. The climate in the San Luis Valley is almost as cold as Gunnison and the altitude is about the same and I know that you grow a lot of these over there. I need specific varieties and seed sources if possible. I am a Colorado Master Gardenerer volunteer in Gunnison (3 years) and have the largest privately owned garden in the county. Your help would be appreciated. Robert Johnson

Alamosa County Colorado

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Hi Robert, they sent this question to me. Give me a call, we can talk about it. On the Quinoa, about the best source I've found is Bountiful Gardens, who has several varieties. can't really say if I recommend them or not, but they are a good source, and have a good selection of most all grains. I grew Apellewa and Colorado varieties of Quinoa this year and had good success. I really liked the Apellewa for the very large seeds. Oats and Wheat will be tough, you might can get them to seed some years, I've had mixed results. I have a couple packets of Quinoa you're welcome to have. FYI, our MG class starts the 29th. Right now we have six people signed up. take care, eric