Identifying little brown bugs

Asked January 13, 2015, 12:03 AM EST

I have been noticing little brown bugs especially in my bathroom around the toilet gasket and the floor trim. I am concern because now I have found them on my wooden entertainment/computer center and on the kitchen counter tops. They are brown, size of an ant and they have several legs and an antenna. I have never seen them before moving here. Are they some kind of beetle or ant ?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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If you can get a sample, you can take it to your local Penn State Extension office. Samples are often sent to a lab at State College for identification or someone at the local office may be able to identify your insect. Put your sample of several insects in a small container covered with isopropyl alcohol. The contact info for Lancaster County is 1383 Arcadia Road, Room 140 Lancaster, PA 17601-3184 Phone: 717-394-6851 Fax: 717-394-3962