Question regarding planting zones and Mulberry trees

Asked January 12, 2015, 8:54 PM EST

Hello. I'd like to know more about morus alba ( White Mulberry trees )! I live in Portland, Oregon and would like to have a few of those in my back yard to help with silkworm rearing ( for feeder insects for reptiles and also to ethically salvage their silk post-emergance ( they only eat white mulberry leaves- healthy leaves and when freshly hatched, young leaves ) ) and am not sure what kind of white mulberry tree of the two variations(?) would do best in my region- and, if possible, where one or two could be acquired.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Mulberry trees will grow in the Portland area. "Morus alba has been listed as an invasive plant in some states. Birds, squirrels and other wildlife relish the fruit and are the major cause of its spread to native areas, therefore, fruitless selections are often recommended," according to the OSU Landscape Plants page, which gives more useful information for you: This page gives more general information about mulberry, Morus.
The USDA/NRCS plant guide for white mulberry gives additional cultivation and other facts:
To find the plants, contact area nurseries. Sometimes a specific tree can be ordered for you. Also, an internet search, something like "Oregon Plant Nursery Mulberry Morus" will likely produce additional leads for commercially available plants.
There might be a tree in your neighborhood already. Maybe you could get permission to harvest leaves, so learn what it looks like. How handy that could be.