Pruning perennials in winter

Asked January 9, 2015, 2:52 PM EST

In Eastern Oregon our very cold, even sub-zero temps. arrived early November and lasted for couple of weeks. We had some warmer days and then very cold days again w/snow, freezing rain and ice in December. My perennial plants & shrubs had not been pruned yet. Now that it is January, should I prune or wait until Spring?

Umatilla County Oregon pruning horticulture

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Although you could check buds and bark to check and see if they are dead, you are probably better off waiting until spring to determine whether your trees are dead or not. In any event, you will want to wait until after Feb 15 when the chances of another deep freeze have passed before you prune your trees anyway.

Although I did not request info. on trees, rather perennials and shrubs, I do appreciate your response. I feel this is a good resource to use to learn to manage my domestic outdoor plants. Thank you for your quick response as well!