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Asked January 9, 2015, 1:39 PM EST

Could you provide me with any insight about deep root feeding for live oaks, cedar elms and Chinese pistache trees? I have gotten two bids from certified arborists and they are different by $1100 (15 trees).
Thanks so much!

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Tree fertilization issues are usually best left to local tree care companies, because they know best what requirements are needed by different tree species given the soil type and characteristics in their respective regions. Having said this, I rarely recommend fertilization of landscape trees unless they are showing clear signs of nutrient deficiencies. Fertilization leads to accelerated growth rates, that then leads to increased water needs and other changes in the landscape. Assuming that there is an issue with your trees calling for fertilization, I can only assume that the difference in bids comes from different application methods or from different fertilizer formulations. Most research shows that trees mostly respond to supplemental nitrogen. However, in the high pH soils of Kerr Co., iron chelates may be called for. I would be inclined to go with the less expensive method, given the opinion I first expressed in this response.

Thanks for your insight. I appreciate it. Martha

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