Nuisance Creek Plants

Asked January 8, 2015, 11:27 AM EST

We've purchased a piece of land about an hour south of Houston that backs up to a slough which rises with the tide. We'd like to clear out some to have better access to the water but it's been taken over by plants we aren't able to identify. The water is brackish but we've also seen these plants growing on dry ground. Also, we'd like to know how best to control or remove them without harming the water/fish. Thank you!

Brazoria County Texas

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To whom it may concern:
Thank you for your question. You can visit this website for help in identifying this plant, This website is very useful tool in helping identifiy a particular aquatic plant. It also provided options for controling the plant. The options provided include, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological.

Please look at this website. If you can not located the weed, then it may be terrestrial in which case a visit to your property may be warranted. one cautinonary note, you may need a permit to spray weeds on a public waterway.

If you have further questions please fell free to email me.