Growing Quinoa

Asked January 7, 2015, 3:18 PM EST

I live in Lakeview, Or, elev. almost a mile high, mountain/desert area. Saw your YouTube about growing quinoa and am interested in knowing the outcome. We live on 20 acres, approx. 17 acres dryland with nothing planted. In the last 26 years, only a few of those years saw any type of planting to the field due to no water rights and that was rye. Have been banging our heads trying to figure out what to grow on this piece of property. Do you think Quinoa would grow here and if so would it be feasible?

Lake County Oregon

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Research efforts to better understand quinoa production needs are still being conducted throughout the PNW. Differences in variety performance have been observed. Yields for dryland have been much lower compared to irrigated plants. Soil moisture at the time of planting is critical to achieve optimal germination. High temperatures during flowering have been problematic which can lead to reduced yields. Processing requirements to remove saponins from the seed is more labor intensive than you would think. My suggestion is to contact a seed supplier in Oregon and experiment with several varieties on a small scale.