Lady Diana Rose of Sharon

Asked January 1, 2015, 4:57 PM EST

I have 3 wonderful Rose of Sharon about 5 yrs old. I harvested 30 of the seedlings about 3 yrs ago and grew them to a height if 2ft. I gave many away to the neighbors. I ended up planting a row of them about 75 ft long. Well the flowers came on these plant and they all had multiple colors on them. They are beautiful. Did they revert back to there original parent plant? Were they pollinated by birds or bees?

Barnstable County Massachusetts

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Most likely the Lady Diana rose of Sharon was a hybrid (a cross between two or more individual parent plants). The seeds of hybrids generally do not come back try to type. Some resemble the various parents and some may have been cross pollinated and new hybrids created. If you want the exact same plant as the Lady Diana, you would have had to start plants from cuttings not seeds.