can I download the webinars onto MP3?

Asked December 31, 2014, 6:18 PM EST

Hey folks, I hope all is well. Please forgive my lack of knowledge when it comes to computers. I was wondering if it is possible to download these wonderful webinars onto an mp3 file so that I can listen to them whilst working on the farm. I have enjoyed what I have seen so far, however, I rarely have time to sit down at a computer to listen to an entire webinar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Most webinar platforms have the option for administrators to convert recordings to .mp3 (audio only) files, but you will likely need to make a special request for this format. If there are specific webinars that you are trying to obtain, I can try to help route you to the relevant group.

Hello, this is Alice of the eOrganic webinar program, and we're really glad to hear that you enjoy the eOrganic dairy webinars! I will get back to you later today about this as soon as I hear back from someone who has done this before. Just didn't want to leave you hanging!

Hello again, the following service can create an .mp3 file from a webinar on YouTube if you put in the URL, or they also have a Firefox Add-on that will add a download button to YouTube -Here is the web based service and here is the firefox add-on

You can find the eOrganic YouTube channel at

While we don't get too many requests for this, I'm going to look into what it would take for us to simply add an mp3 file to the webinar recording page for future webinars since that would be convenient for people like you! I hope this helps, and please contact us if you need more help.