What is the vintners term for baby grapes?

Asked December 31, 2014, 10:43 AM EST

What would one call grapes just beginning to form?

Los Angeles County California

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Grapes are called berries. After bloom, there is a period of fruit set when there is little growth. After about a week there is a period when many of the small berries fall off. This period of fruit drop is often called "shatter." After shatter there is a rapid period of growth anmd the berries are described by size; BB or shoot, then pea or buckshot. As the berries get big enough they begin to touch in the cluster and this is called "berry touch." Then there is "cluster tightening." as the berries get squeezed together especially in tight clustered varieties. During all this growth the berries are very hard. At "veraison," berry growth slows and the berry begins to color, soften and accumulate sugar as it ripens.