The Best Street Trees

Asked December 22, 2014, 3:37 PM EST

Could we get recommendations and advice on street trees? A committee will meet in January to propose changes to the neighborhood's CCRs requiring Flowering Pear Trees. We would like information to aid us in selecting some other tree varieties. The City of Stayton has a list of recommended street trees, but we would like to hear from a professional about the pros and cons of some of these varieties. We will meet the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of January.

Marion County Oregon

1 Response

I would be happy to give you my opinion, but I think it is better if you chat with the Urban Forestry program through the OR Department of Forestry. The person to contact there is Kristin Ramstad, and her email is Her phone number if you prefer is 503-945-7390. Not surprising you might want to transition away from flowering pear, my personal trees were heavily damaged b y freezing rain in November. If you require shrub advice, on the other hand, please let me know!