Texas longhorns per acre Travis County blackland

Asked December 15, 2014, 9:03 AM EST

Recommended longhorns per acre of pasture in Travis County blackland area (northeast Travis County)? Need to know for pasture lease agreement.

Travis County Texas

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Do you know what kind of grass you have on the property? That will help me better answer your question.

50 ac of native/costal mix. 50 ac restoring the land with native grasses and legumes.

I don't know what the stocking rates would be in Travis County, but in Collin County we recommend 1 animal unit (1000#'s of animal) for every 4 acres on improved pastures such as Coastal or every 8 acres on native pastures, so in your case it would be an animal unit for about every 6 acres on a mixture of Coastal and natives.