nematodes on pecan weevil control

Asked December 14, 2014, 5:34 PM EST

Is there any aggie research on the use and effectivness of beneficial nematodes on the pecan weevil

Hunt County Texas

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Pecan Weevil is a serious problem for pecan growers in those Texas counties that are affected by it. I am not aware of research in our institution on using beneficial nematodes for this insect. We have two good extension specialists with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension that you may want to consider contacting directly: Bill Ree ( and Allen Knutson (
The USDA-ARS Southeastern Fruit & Nut Laboratory in Byron, GA, has scientists working on weevil control, using things like soil fungi to control weevil. Their website is:
The scientist most chiefly involved in that research is Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan.