How can we protect our windows from deer charging at them?

Asked December 12, 2014, 1:35 PM EST

I am seeking your advice to protect our windows from local deer. Our house has many floor-to-ceiling windows. Last night we were startled when a deer, apparently confused by its reflection, charged into one of our windows. Fortunately, the deer was on the small side, the window of my husband's office didn't break, my husband (who was working in his office) and our home are both fine, and seemed unharmed. Thinking about how serious things could have been if the deer had been larger, we're now looking for advice to avoid a repeat incident.

Montgomery County Maryland wildlife deer window issues

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Reflections in windows can cause deer to jump into and through windows in much the same way birds collide with reflections in windows. There are no easy answers and you may have to consider several tactics to deter them or take away the reflection in the windows.
These tactics may not be attractive but you may not have an issue after mating season which is about November - December. If you have curtains or blinds keep them closed. Hang mylar balloons or tape from the window area, place cardboard in the window area not higher than the animal, or hang bird netting on the outside of the windows.
See the link from Cornell about bird collisions. It may give you some ideas.

Please contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line at 1-877-463-6497 for more information. This organization homeowners to receive guidance on nuisance, injured, or sick wildlife. This service is provided jointly by the MarylandDepartment of Natural Resources (DNR), Wildlife and Heritage Services, and USDA-APHIS.

Also, contact the manufacturer of your windows as they may have some ideas.