photo backup settings mobile

Asked December 10, 2014, 10:14 PM EST

i have Moto G mobile phone it backups all my camera, whatsapp, screenshots, downloads photos i want settings to just allow backup only camera photos to Google photos i did try finding settings but no success

Outside United States

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Hello, backing up photos on your phone is a great thing to set up. For Android phones the process may vary slightly, but I will try to walk you through the steps you can take to control the folders and locations you would like to back up.
First locate the Google Photos app (it should be a pinwheel icon). You should have a menu button on the left, select 'On device' under the menu.
Once you've selected 'On device' you should be able to scroll through the current folders and locations that have photos on your device.
You should see a cloud icon on the right by each folder and location. By pressing the cloud icon you can turn on or off the cloud backup option. You will want to make sure that just your camera folder is being backed up.